Number 6 – The Unfair (소수의견)

The Unfair

Also known as Minority Opinion, The Unfair won Best Screenplay at the Blue Dragon Awards and for good reason. Based on the real life ‘Yongsan Tragedy’ – in which a group of tenants, protesting against unfair compensation and eviction in a redevelopment scheme in Yongsan, found themselves in a violent confrontation with riot police that left five evictees and one police officer dead – the film focuses on two washed up lawyers who take the impossible case of defending one of the protesting tenants of murder. The Unfair treads very carefully – almost masterfully so – in not accusing government institutions of any wrongdoing (which is somewhat frustrating though likely why it enjoyed a wide release during such conservative period), instead exposing the rampant corruption by court officials and the relationship between media manipulation, public sentiment, and the law, and is powerful reminder of the frailty of the system.

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