Number 2 – Right Now, Wrong Then (지금은맞고그때는틀리다)

Right Now

Featuring two of the finest performances of the year from Kim Min-hee and Jung Jae-young, Right Now, Wrong Then is another stellar addition to director Hong Sang-soo’s filmography. While Jung has received notable awards for his role within the film, Kim has been shockingly overlooked – she wasn’t even nominated in either the Blue Dragon or Grand Bell Awards – despite providing some of the most heart-rendering scenes of 2015. Still, film fans can enjoy the wonderful performances in one of director Hong’s more accessible works, as a film director meets a beautiful artist and spends the day with her, before the story restarts with minor character alterations that change their encounters. It’s become a cliche in itself to state that director Hong Sang-soo’s films are typically quite divisive, and Right Now, Wrong Then is likely no exception, however for fans and newbies alike there is much to enjoy in this charming tale.

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