Salut D'amour (장수상회)

Salute D’amour (장수상회)

The trailer for director Kang Je-gyu‘s latest film Salute D’amour (장수상회) – also known as Long Lives – has been released with English subtitles.

Salute D’Amour tells the story of elderly Sung-chil, a grumpy convenience store clerk who becomes besotted with nearby flower shop owner Geum-nim. Unskilled in the art of romance, Sung-chil asks advice from boss Jang-soo on how to woo his lady love, and as their relationship develops Sung-chil finds himself changing in unexpected ways. Challenges arise however in the form of Geum-nim unapproving daughter.

The romantic comedy is focused on a middle-aged and older audience demographic, continuing what has now become quite a trend in the Korean film industry, and appears much more light-hearted in tone than previous offerings such as C’est Si Bon.

Judging from the trailer Salute D’Amour is quite a stylistic departure for director Kang Je-gyu, who holds a strong reputation for being an initial part of the Korean wave with taut thriller Shiri and for his epic scale as displayed in war films Taegukgi, My Way. More recently director Kang indicated his new aesthetic through short film Awaiting, about a couple separated by the events of the Korean war.

Salute D’Amour boasts a stellar cast including acclaimed veteran actress Yoon Yeo-jeong (Hill of Freedom), as well as hot stars Jo Jin-woong (A Hard Day) and Han Ji-min (The Fatal Encounter).

Salute D’Amour will be released this April.

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