The 16th Jeonju Int. Film Festival

The 16th Jeonju Int. Film Festival

Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) has announced the ten films that will form the ‘Korean Competition’ category.

The finalists were chosen from an incredible 118 submissions, and all of which are world premieres. In terms of genre, nine of the selected films are fiction while one is a documentary. Interestingly, three of the finalists come from the Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) and Dangook University’s Graduate School of Cinematic Content, with the remaining seven arriving from independent film distribution companies.

The ten finalists will compete for the Grand Prize, CGV Arthouse Award Distribution Support, and the CGV Arthouse Award Upcoming Project Support, respectively.

For the full line-up of Korean feature films within the category, as well as select stills that have been released, please see below.

Alice In Earnestland

Alice In Earnestland

1. Unconfessional (Director Choi Ingyu) [87min | color]

2. The Romance Of A Mediocre Actress And A Short Bald Man (Directors Park Youngim and KimJoung Min-woo) [74min | b&w]

3. Waiting For The Snow (Director Jang Heechul) [99min | color]



4. Alice In Earnestland (Director Ahn Goocjin) [87min | color]

5. To Be Sixteen (Director Kim Hyunseung) [115min | color]

Warmer Than Expected

Warmer Than Expected

6. Island (Director Park Jinseong) [105min | color]

7. Stay With Me (Director Lee Jinwoo) [98min | color]



8. Warmer Than Expected (Director Lee Sangmin) [98min | color]

9. With Or Without You (Director Park Hyeokji) [92min | color]

10. Coinlocker (Director Kim Tea-kyung) [95min | color]

The 16th Jeonju International Film Festival will take place from April 30th ~ May 9th.

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