The 16th International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul (WFFIS) will begin from May the 29th, running through to June the 5th.

Featuring the tagline, “see the world through women’s eyes,” the festival employs programming that focuses on women’s issues and cinematic trends, as well as work from a variety of female filmmakers, in order to explore and debate the role of women in cinema. While WFFIS features international productions, greater focus on the role of Asian women in cinema is reflected through the programming.

In addition to familiar favourite categories including contemporary trend explorations in New Currents, the lesbian and bi-sexual focused Queer Rainbow, and the Asian Short Film and Video Competition, other exciting programming has also been announced. Asian Spectrum: Camera is my Heart! is dedicated to female Chinese documentary filmmakers, while Polemics: To Love Hot or Die Hard examines issues of love and romance in conjunction with economic and consumerist debates. Director Byun Young-joo’s trilogy committed to the struggles plaguing ‘comfort women’ is presented in Special Screening: The Murmuring – Resolving History While Still Breathing. Meanwhile, the life of Japanese actress Kagawa Kyoko is celebrated through A Life in Front of the Camera: Actress in Re/Action, KAGAWA Kyoko, which features an impressive line-up of 8 films from her career.

For the official WFFIS trailer, please see below:

Opening Film

For Those Who Can Tell No Tales

Director Jasmila Zbanic

For Those Who Can Tell No Tales

For Those Who Can Tell No Tales

Opening WFFIS 2014 will be Bosnia-Herzegovinan film For Those Who Can Tell No Tales by director Jasmila Zbanic. Award-winning director Zbanic has explored the issues effecting women in her home country, such as sexual war crimes by Serbian troops in Grbvica (2006) and religious discourses in Na putu (2010), throughout her career. In For Those Who Can Tell No Tales, an Australian tourist visits Bosnia for a holiday and throughout her travels slowly learns the traumatic history of the country, fundamentally changing her forever.

WFFIS 2014 will take place entirely at the Megabox on the 5th floor at the Migliore building, Sinchon. Please see below for the map and transportation information.

WFFIS 2014 Map

WFFIS 2014 Map

For the full list of programmes and screenings, please click on the link to be taken to the official WFFIS website.

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