The 11th Green Film Festival in Seoul

The 11th Green Film Festival in Seoul

The Green Film Festival in Seoul (제 11회 서울환경영화제) is gearing up for it’s 11th installment, and is due to take place from May 8th until 15th.

This year the environmentally focused festival will be held across three cinemas in the Gwanghwamun area – Cinecube, Indiespace, and the Seoul Museum of History – which are all located close to each other (please see below for the map). While previous incarnations of the event were concerned with the importance of green issues, the 11th edition intends to focus more on entertaining, rather than serious, productions that deal with the environment.

GFFIS 2014 Map

GFFIS 2014 Map

The programs in this year’s festival include traditional categories such as Green Panorama and Green Competition yet are also joined by Eco Thriller, Ancient Futures, Green Asia, Green Panorama in Korea, Children of the Earth, and Animals, Our Sweet and Wild Companion.

The trailer below gives a glimpse of the films being shown throughout the festival, and the wide variety of topics that will be explored throughout.

Opening Film

The Kings of Summer

Director Jordan Vogt Roberts

The Kings of Summer

The Kings of Summer

Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013 to critical praise, director Jordan Vogt Roberts’ coming of age drama has been described as akin to the classic 1986 film Stand By Me for capturing the lives and attitudes of disaffected youth so sincerely. The Kings of Summer depicts the story of three teenagers who decide to spend the season in the woods free from their interfering parents. However as they build a house for themselves and learn to live of the land, the trio are faced with trials that test their ideas of friendship and the importance of family.

Please see below for the trailer:

To visit the official Green Film Festival in Seoul website, please click here.

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