Venus Talk  (관능의 법칙)

Venus Talk (관능의 법칙)

Venus Talk  (관능의 법칙), also known as The Law of Pleasures, has finally been given an English subtitled trailer by CJ Entertainment.

The comedy drama stars three of Korean cinema’s most talented actresses – Uhm Jung-hwa (Haeundae, Dancing Queen), Moon So-ri (Oasis, A Good Lawyer’s Wife) and Jo Min-soo (Pieta) – as middle aged women dealing with love, life, and everything in-between. The frank exploration of sex and romance has led to Venus Talk being dubbed ‘The Korean Sex and the City‘, and is certainly a refreshing and welcome addition to an industry that often depicts middle-aged women as domestic stereotypes. The film also stars kpop star BoA in a cameo role. Produced by Myung Films and directed by Kwon Chil-in (Wonderful Radio, Hellcats), the adult comedy is based upon a script by Lee Soo-ah, winner of the Grand Prize at the 1st Lotte Entertainment Script Contest.

Venus Talk is released in Korea this Valentine’s weekend, although no word as of yet on an international release. That said, with the all-star cast and CJ quick to create English subtitles for a trailer, it’s possible to speculate that the film will appear overseas in the near future.

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