The Jechon International Music and Film Festival (제천국제음악영화제)

The Jechon International Music and Film Festival (제천국제음악영화제)

The Jechon International Music and Film Festival (제천국제음악영화제) is gearing up for its 9th installment, commencing on Wednesday the 14th of August and running through until Monday the 19th.

The city is famous for the picturesque Cheongpung Lake, which will host an outdoor theater as well as live musical performances on its shores.

Opening the festival at the Lakeside Stage will be French drama Pop Redemption by director Martin Le Gall. The film depicts the lives of four childhood friends who for the last eighteen years have been a part of metal band Dead Macabes. However as they approach their thirties life begins pulling them in different directions and their interest begins to wane. As a last ditch effort to save the band, member Alex signs them up for metal event ‘Hellfest’ but fate seems to transpire against them. Please see below for the trailer:

World Music Film Today

The international competition at JIMFF 2013 is entitled ‘World Music Film Today’ which features nine films from around the globe. The jury will consist of Korean director Lee Hwan-gyeong (이환경) (Miracle in Cell No.7), director/actress  Koo Hye-seon (구혜선) (The Peach Tree), president of Zip Cinema Lee Yoo-jin, Japanese company Amuse Group chairman Yokichi Osato, and Polish festival director Krzysztof Gierat. (Source: The Chosun Ilbo)

Black Gospel (블랙가스펠)

Black Gospel (블랙가스펠)

Within the competition there is one Korean film, documentary Black Gospel (블랙가스펠) directed by hisMT Ministry (히즈엠티 선교회). The film follows the members of Korea’s only gospel choir as they travel to Harlem, New York to study music.  But they quickly learn that they will have to raise their singing prowess to a whole new level if they want to compete at the gospel concert.

Please see below for the trailer.

For more information, please head on over to the official JIMFF website here.

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