The Flu (감기)

The Flu (감기)

Due to be released on August the 15th, promotion for epidemic film The Flu (감기) is heating up.

When an unknown virus hits a city in Korea, the impact is disastrous. With an infection rate of 3.4 persons per second, the disease initially manifests as a skin rash before fatality occurs within 36 hours. Left with little choice the city is locked down and cordoned off, with the inhabitants placed into quarantine camps. Dr. Kim In-hae (Soo-ae (수애) desperately searches for a cure to halt the outbreak, especially as her daughter Mir (Park Min-ha (박민하), and the youngster’s guardian Kang Ji-goo (Jang Hyeok (장혁) are in danger of becoming infected.

The Flu appears to be a much more serious take on the subject than last year’s enjoyable B-movie Deranged (연가시), while the inclusion of quality actors certainly makes the film one to watch out for.

Please see below for the trailer (with English subtitles).

Also, please see below for a trailer introducing the characters within the film. There aren’t any English subtitles, but it features some great scenes from the film and it’s easy to distinguish the roles of the cast.

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