The 48th Daejong Film Awards – 2011

Often referred to as ‘The Korean Oscars’, the 48th Daejong Film Awards were held in at the Sejong Center in Seoul on Monday the 18th.

The 48th Daejong Film Awards

As usual, the red carpet was rolled out for the stars and for their fashionable entrances. Here are pictures of the actors, actresses, and couples that attended.

This year was interesting, as while the films nominated were certainly very good, there was no clear winner that was expected to steal the show. Instead, the awards were spread quite evenly amongst the nominees.

For Best Picture, the award went to Korean war film ‘The Front Line’ (고지전). The film, directed by Kim Ki Duk (김기덕) protege Jang Hoon (장훈), also went on to scoop the awards for Best Production, Best Cinematography, and Best Lighting.

Best Actor went to Park Hae Il (박해일) for his role in action/adventure film ‘Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon/War of the Arrows’ (최종병기 활) (currently with 2 English working titles). The film also scored awards for technical achievement, winning Best Sound and Best Visual Effects. The Best Supporting Actor award was given to Jo Seong-ha (조성하) for his role in gritty action thriller ‘The Yellow Sea(황해).

Kim Ha Neul accepts Best Actress award

Kim Ha Neul (김하늘) won Best Actress for playing a blind woman in crime thriller Blind(블라인드), and accepted her award from ‘You Pet!’ (너는 펫) co-star Jang Geun Seok (장근석) (see here). The award for Best Supporting Actress was scooped by Shim Eun Kyeong (심은경) who appeared in ‘Romantic Heaven’ (로맨틱 헤븐).

The Popularity Award went to The Man From Nowhere (아저씨) star Won Bin, who humbly received his award (here).

Please see here for a full list of the awards, the nominees, and winners from the night.

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