No Breathing

Lee Jong-suk (이종석) Starring ‘No Breathing’ (노브레싱) gets a Trailer

No Breathing

No Breathing

Sports drama No Breathing (노브레싱) is readying for release on October 31st.

The film, about two rivals who compete in a swimming tournament in the name of love, features some prominent young stars from both the film/tv and Kpop worlds. Popular film/tv actor Lee Jong-suk and Superstar K winner Seo In-guk headline the sporting film, with their shirtless appearances on the poster and within the trailer (below) already sending their young fans into something of a frenzy.

They will be joined by more Kpop stars in the form of Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, as well as Ayoung (Dal Shabet) and Shin Min-chul (T-Max). Their lack of appearance within the teaser trailer already has fans clamouring for the full trailer, most citing the desire to see Yuri.

The film is clearly squarely aimed at younger audiences, who have made their presence at cinemas keenly felt particularly after their dedicated support of spy-comedy Secretly, Greatly (은밀하게 위대하게).

Please see below for the teaser trailer.

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