Rough Play (배우는 배우다)

Rough Play (배우는 배우다)

Rough Play (배우는 배우다), the latest film by director Shin Yeon-shick, is due to receive its world premiere at the 8th Busan International Film Festival in October.

The drama is based on an idea by renowned director Kim Ki-duk, and acts as a companion piece or sequel of sorts to Jang Hoon’s Rough Cut (영화는 영화다), also from the mind of director Kim. Whereas Rough Cut blurred the lines between the film world and the real world, Rough Play looks set to focus more on the actors and the psychological disturbances that occur due to life in the spotlight.

Rough Play is also notable or casting Kpop idol Lee Joon from MBLAQ in the lead role. Director Kim and his proteges are no strangers to employing young and popular stars in demanding roles, and Lee Joon’s status will undoubtedly help in procuring a wider audience.

Furthermore, Rough Play is not only director Shin’s fourth film but also his fourth invitation to BIFF following A Great Actor (좋은 배우) (2005), A Fair Love (페어 러브) (2009), and The Russian Novel (러시안 소설) (2012), a quite remarkable achievement.

Please see below for the trailer.

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  1. I’m always sceptical about idols starring in films but.. This is Kim Ki Duk (at least he’s got a hand in it) and Rough Cut was quite interesting and Lee Joon doesn’t look like a bad actor so I’m looking forward to this!

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