Wish (소원)

Wish (소원)

Despite directing an producing an array of impression films including The King and the Clown, Radio Star, and Sunny, director Lee Joon-ik (이준익) announced his retirement from commercial film making in 2010 due to the box office failure of Battlefield Heroes.

Luckily for audiences however the key word is ‘commercial’, as director Lee has finished filming his comeback film, the modestly budgeted So-won (소원). The film tells the story of youngster So-won – which also means ‘wish’ in Korean – who is violently assaulted, and how her and her family struggle to overcome the trauma together.

It’s extremely potent and sensitive material, joining the ranks of Silenced, Azooma, and Don’t Cry Mommy as another high profile exploration of crimes against children.

So-won, which also features the incredibly talented Sol Kyeong-gu as the girl’s father, will arrive in cinemas in early October. Please see below for the trailer.


  1. I’ve always lamented at his sort of non-existent career after the wonderful The King and the Clown, so I’m really looking forward to this. (And Seol Kyeong Gu is always excellent)

    1. I know what you mean, although I must admit that I liked Sunny (not perfect, but good). My one fear with ‘So-won’ is that it will move into melodramatic territory (like so many dramas do) and undermine the power of the story…hopefully that won’t happen 🙂

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