Let Me Out (렛 미 아웃)

Let Me Out (렛 미 아웃)

Let Me Out (렛 미 아웃), an independent film about a precocious film student, is due to be released on August the 15th.

The filmmaking comedy received its debut at last year’s Puchon Fantastic Film Festival before appearing at Dallas, Hawaii, and other international film festivals respectively.

Written and directed by film teachers Kim Chang-rae (김창래) and So Jae-yeong (소재영), the story follows opinionated film student Mu-yeong (Kwon Hyeon-sang (권현상) who routinely criticizes the work of others but has yet to make any impact himself. Mu-yeong crosses the line however when he chides guest visitor and celebrated director Yang Ik-june for his films. Throwing down the gauntlet, director Yang bestows a cash prize upon the student forcing him to prove himself. Mu-yeong decides to film his zombie melodrama Let Me Out, but as he begins gathering his cast and crew including producer/best friend Yong-woon (Han Geun-sup (한근섭) and actress and love interest Ah-yeong (Park Hee-bon (박희본), he quickly discovers that making a film is far from easy.

Let Me Out will also be the first independent Korean film to be released simultaneously in Korea and the US, with Variety’s Richard Kuipers describing it as, “a highly entertaining comedy […] with an infectious let’s-put-on-a-show spirit.” (Variety)

Please see below for the trailer.

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