The late Kim Chu-ryeon (김추련)

The late Kim Chu-ryeon (김추련)

Actor Kim Chu-ryeon (김추련), who starred in classic films including Lovers in the Rain (빗속의 연인들, 1976) and Winter Woman (겨울여자, 1977), was found dead in his apartment on Tuesday 8th November in an apparent suicide.

The Korea Times reported that Kim Chu-ryeon, 64, was found by the deacon of the church he frequented, as the deacon had received a worrying letter that morning and visited the actor’s home. The actor had been suffering from depression and had been living alone. A note was found at the scene that stated, “It was difficult to handle the loneliness and hardship. I feel sorry for my fans and family.”

Kim Chu-ryeon unfortunately joins the large number of Korean actors and actresses, such as Lee Eun-joo (이은주)and Choi Jin-sil (최진실), that have taken their own lives.  Our thoughts go out to all friends and family.

Winter Woman (겨울여자, 1977)

Winter Woman (겨울여자, 1977)

To watch the classic Winter Woman (겨울여자, 1977), on Video On Demand, please visit here.

Winter Woman (겨울여자, 1977)

Winter Woman (겨울여자, 1977)

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