Sports Films (스포츠 영화)

As a country with a strong sense of nationalism, Korea has produced several noteworthy sports films that emphasis the difficulties of cultural identity and the trials confronted by athletes. Please click on a picture to be taken to the review.

As One (코리아)

As One (코리아)

As One (코리아) – ★★☆☆☆

“Thanks to the true story on which it’s based, As One (코리아) has plenty of potential for an incredible sports drama yet only manages to partially capitalise on the events that unfolded. While the ideological differences are balanced and entertaining, and the final matches are thrilling and exciting, the choice to fill the narrative with one-dimensional stereotypes and scenarios is detrimental to the film overall.”

Mr. Go (미스터 고)

Mr. Go (미스터 고)

Mr. Go (미스터 고) – ★★☆☆☆

Mr. Go (미스터 고) is a visual delight, and Dexter Digital have proven they can match Hollywood productions with their superb computer-generated expertise. Director Kim Yong-hwa (김용화) captures the events as competently as ever. It’s a shame then that the story doesn’t match the visual prowess, which is a real bore. Visually impressive yet light on entertainment, Mr. Go is an unfortunate misfire.”

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