Science-Fiction Films (공상 과학 영화)

Here you will find reviews of Korean science-fiction films (공상 과학 영화). While the genre is not immensely popular in Korea, there have been several noteworthy science-fiction films produced. Please click on the picture, and you will be taken to the review.

Deranged (연가시)

Deranged (연가시)

Deranged (연가시) – ★★★☆☆

“A compelling and highly entertaining science-fiction/horror blend, Deranged (연가시) is a success due to the emphasis on characterisation and a fear that is much more based in reality than imagination. While plot holes appear, the directing, editing and musical score combine to produce a great thriller underpinned by a keen socio-cultural message, making Deranged one of the better disaster films to emerge from the Korean film industry.”

The Flu (감기)

The Flu (감기)

The Flu (감기) – ★★☆☆☆

The Flu is an attempt to produce a more serious approach to the epidemic disaster film, yet writer/director Kim Seong-su fails to make the film entertaining in almost every respect. Featuring wafer-thin stereotype characters the film is huge waste of acting talent, while the escalating acts of stupidity committed quickly enters the realm of absurdity. With huge plot holes in conjunction with incredibly over-zealous nationalism, The Flu is a blockbuster to avoid.”

The Host (괴물)

The Host (괴물)

The Host (괴물) – ★★★★★

The Host (괴물) is an incredible film, and highlights the sheer talent and innovation of all involved. While it is unashamedly mainstream, the film never falls into cliche or parody as is often the case in the genre. Instead, The Host employs layers upon layers of political and socio-cultural subtext that adds phenomenal depth to an already highly entertaining premise, and cannot be recommended highly enough.

Sector 7 (7광구)

Sector 7 (7광구)

Sector 7 (7광구) – ★☆☆☆☆

Sector 7 (7광구) is not a complete disaster, as director Kim Ji-hoon  competently composes scenes and keeps the action moving at a swift pace. Apart from the awful CGI it’s clear that Sector 7 has a large budget which has been well spent on creating the mise-en-scene of an oil rig. It’s a shame that so many negative features outweigh the few scant positives, rendering a potential blockbuster into a substandard film well below the talents of all involved.”

Snowpiercer (설국열차)

Snowpiercer (설국열차)

Snowpiercer (설국열차) - ★★★★☆

“Based on the French comic book series Le Transperceneige, director Bong Joon-ho’s (봉준호) Snowpiercer (설국열차) is an enthralling viewing experience. The science-fiction epic about the last vestiges of humanity is a brilliant exploration of the unfairness of the class system, conveyed with stunning visual and spatial prowess. The breakneck pace of the film results in little character development, yet when the themes are so constantly riveting it is difficult to care. Simply put, Snowpiercer is a fantastic Korean sci-fi film.”

The Tower (타워)

The Tower (타워)

The Tower (타워) – ★★★☆☆

The Tower is an extremely visually impressive disaster film, and a return to form for director Kim Ji-hoon. The special effects and stunt work are some of the best ever produced within a Korean film, and certainly on par with Hollywood films of a similar ilk. Seol Kyeong-gu enters the fray as Captain Kang Yeong-ri, who single-handedly lifts the film into a compelling and emotional story, making The Tower an enjoyable entry into the genre.”

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