Kim Han-min (김한민)

Kim Han-min (김한민)

Kim Han-min (김한민)

Director Kim Han-min (김한민) made a reputation for himself as a filmmaker to watch with his directorial debut Paradise Murdered (극락도 살인사건) in 2006. While it didn’t break any records, the mystery/thriller film reached number one at the time of it’s release and displayed the potential of the up-and-coming director. Kim Han-min followed with another successful thriller Handphone (한드폰) which highlighted the notions of scandals and cover-ups that are seemingly inherent in the world of celebrity.

However, it was Arrow The Ultimate Weapon/War of the Arrows (최종병기 활) that really launched Kim Han-min’s career, as the sleeper hit became the highest grossing film of 2011 in Korea and won numerous awards for the cast and crew. In addition, Arrow was also invited to several film festivals and help to cement the director’s status as someone capable of conveying action and suspense to an international standard.

Kim Han-min’s next film is The Battle of Myeongryang (명량, 회오리 바다), based on the life of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, the famous Korean navel commander who defeated the invading Japanese armies despite overwhelming odds.


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Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon (AKA War of the Arrows) (최종병기 활)

War of the Arrows (최종병기 활)

Handphone (한드폰)

Handphone (한드폰)

Paradise Murdered (극락도 살인사건)

Paradise Murdered (극락도 살인사건)

Arrow The Ultimate Weapon/War of the Arrows (최종병기 활) – 2011

Handphone (한드폰) – 2009

Paradise Murdered (극락도 살인사건) – 2006

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